Silver Scoobi Episode 1: Bite Coin Quest


Scoobi Doge The Genesis Comic Book No1
Edition 897 of 1,200
3% royalties

3.5 USDT


Scoobi got lost in a Transylvanian Forest and was attracted by the smell of a cat. This smell leads to an old tumbledown house. Scoobi knocks on the door, no answer … He allows himself to enter and discovers the interior of the house, which is decorated in a particular way (a mix between witch and princess taste). In the next room, a noise occurs, and the door opens. 

Scoobi comes face to face with the witch living there, Princess Cezee, a mix between CZ and a Chinese tranny. This depressed witch tells Scoobi that she is sad because her cats have been very quiet for a few days. Of course, these cats used to be chased and abused by the Bones GANG, and that didn’t bother the witch, who is a bit sadomasochistic. 

The witch tells Scoobi that the leader of the gang, a man-dog called Snoop Doge, a kind of druid high 24 hours a day, and who could inform Scoobi about the cause of this break. She advises Scoobi to go to the GANG Head Quarter, a doghouse on Wrong beach (the only dry spot in the middle of a sticky and smelly swamp in the Compt’Hood Wood). 

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