Silver Scoobi Episode 5: Starship Landing Nominal!


Scoobi Doge The Genesis Comic Book No1
Edition 599 of 800
3% royalties

17.5 USDT


The cockpit, in which Scoobi is, deploys a parachute to finish its orbit on a big inflatable cushion being used to soften the landing. 

The propulsion part of the rocket, still in a vertical position, undertakes a maneuver in order to go back to its initial place, taking the vertical tunnel in the opposite direction again. 

Scoobi, who is a little bit in shock, manages to leave the cockpit. He landed on this famous cushion in a large garden facing the castle. Suddenly, the main door of the castle opens, and an army of small robots goes through this door in order to go to the “landing strip.” These robots are about 10 inches high and look closely like Nikola Tesla. 

Once the delegation of robots arrives near Scoobi, they shout in chorus: “Please follow us inside the castle; a bowl of premium quality of dog kibble is ready for you.” Scoobi being hungry, does not see any inconvenience and accepts to follow the delegation. He is invited to take place on a transportable chair. The army of robots goes to the main door of the castle, enters it, arrives in a gigantic place with a dining room, a huge table in the center, and a decoration that clearly says “Dracula.” Then, they go to the next room. 

Once arrived in this room, there was a huge table in the middle, and the decoration on the wall reminded us Scoobi’s paws. The robots’ army puts Scoobi in the room and asks him to wait there, and always in chorus and unison; he is warmly invited to eat as much kibble as he wants. 

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